The Past Catches Up with You…

The Past Catches Up with You…

Do you feel out of place in your home? Did you ever get this sensation of having fallen out of time? Is the past out of sync with the present? Is the present out of sync with the future? What do you do when someone brings news from the place you’ve left? Does it bother you to think that perhaps you are not the same person anymore? What would you do if with every passing day, the reality of what happened dissolves more and more with what did not, when the facts of life become old tales to recount, when retrospection changes the meanings and dimensions of your experience? Would you rather cling on to the past, which is constantly pushing you away? Or would you rather absorb yourself in the present only to make another tale? If time is continuous, why can you still draw such lines? And once when you have drawn them, why do they try to merge again to make time one? Why are you not able to put things completely behind? Why do the emotions go, but memories remain? Why does the purpose disappear but actions remain? Is someone keeping track of your life all the time? Or everyone else has a different version of your past, present and future? Are you really one person then or many, like the characters of a novel featuring in different tales? Are you a villain and a hero and a sidekick at the same time? Are you all of these or none? What are you really when with every new person you meet, a new self is created? A new story begins in the experience of the other person which may be about you but perhaps you may have little control on how it goes. Can your success be failure for others and vice versa ? Would you rather let them all go to hell and carry on with life? Does the ‘past’ leave any mark on you? Do you move from time to time or the time goes by you while you just keep standing in a corner?
Would you rather not think about all this and forget what you just read?

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