Sign.. Sign? Sign!

There has to be a way to decide, to conclude, to realize “Yes! This is what I should be doing for the next few years!”, “Yes! This work is for me.” , “Yes! You’re so made for me.” I don’t know, may be there should be a thunderstorm, or a lightening, or even a flower petal gently landing on my palm or maybe a dream. Anything at all. But it should be at the right moment. Not when, you know, I’m washing clothes or talking to a fruit vendor. I refuse to acknowledge the petal-falling then. Any sign, anything at all will do really. Just that the signs should not be too frequent. Then they loose their divine touch. May be an apparition or a sudden sense of being required somewhere. Yes both would do. Thing is, I don’t know what to do. I don’t plan my moves, I don’t plan pee-breaks and water-breaks. There is something that tells me to get up from this stupid chair or to post something yet-again-stupid on this stupid blog. Why can’t everything be that spontaneous? Why can’t, just for the heck of it, I suddenly decide to go to Kanyakumari and pack my bags and leave? Why do I have to worry about tickets, reservations, leaves, passports, visas all the time? But the question still remains. What to do next? Feels like it is time to move on…..

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