What to do when sleepy in office?

– I’ve tried putting my head down and sleep. It works on some occasions.
– Find something to interest you. May be a person whose movements you secretly track.
– Revolve in your chair by 230 degrees or 280 (if too bored) and get a snap shot of what everyone is doing.
– Do slower/shorter versions of the swing to capture details
– Roll your eyes left-right-left to make sure you don’t miss anything interesting
– Observe others’ monitors. Sometimes they are more interesting 🙂
– Change wallpapers.
– Engage in small talk with people around you. Try to look interested and charming.
– Venture out to pierce their patience with dumb joke arrows
– See ‘who is meeting whom’ purely for the purpose of satiating the ‘gossipicious-self’
– Try to read some finance document. Put head down after 15 seconds to get one of the most peaceful naps.
– Coffee can help.
– Work for a change. Seen to help curious cases.
– Try to address the bigger issues here. Say why sleep deprived? Wy so bored? Why no work? Why crappy work? Bitch about life, universe and everything. Others will bear with you thinking that poor thing had a bad night. While most people bear with me because of the X in place of Y.

Sick place.

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