l’enfer, c’est les autres

Interesting thought.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Trying to strip expectations, beliefs, attitudes out. Trying to get to the bottom of it. Realize that it is bottomless. Abyss.

But certainly, to know that all (almost) the reactions I or the other person have are learnt, acquired, helps to keep one’s calm. There is a certain sort of detachment which feels great. Also the other person starts looking like a puppet. Maybe at the core of the feeling of achievement/success lies in our feeling of being ‘intellectually superior’. Or maybe another learnt thing. It is impossible to strip out all attitudes simultaneously because to attach high value to stripping out these beliefs etc is itself a belief. Whatever that means. But certainly there is something which makes it more useful for some people I guess. I think one has to keep going back and forth – believe, strip it out, believe in something else, strip that out as well and so on. How does that that help us? Is that the purpose of existence? I don’t know if it is. I don’t know what that means now.

Study on Ethics can be interesting. Required probably.

And how is hell in other people? Because even if you strip all beliefs out (if at all) others won’t. Damn!

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