Free Fall

I can hear the rain outside. I know how the water feels against my skin. Like in the shower. Though not the same as shower. Similar a voice says in my head.

To have lived a whole life in search of a truth only to discover that none exist, that it’s a bottomless pit, a journey of an abyss – that is all this exploration is, and the ones who fared best in life are the ones who have never looked at their feet.

But I’ve always looked at my feet.

Reminds me of Tom and Jerry. Or road runner? How the character would run like a horse in the racing alley, like a deer chased by a lion running for his life, but a lot more funnier. He would reach the edge of the cliff and still keep running, without realizing that there is no ground beneath his feet. And shit! he notices he feels and he falls. Only difference is he does not miss the ground eventually.

These are bad falls.

What brings us back to the level is not some hypothetical base below, but some or the other twig/branch shooting out from the cliffs, which breaks our fall. At times it is impossible to come to the same level as others. And then the need for solitude. Yes should have never looked at my feet.

The cuticle has overgrown it hides the nails.

But who says falling is bad? Especially when it’s a free fall without the possibility of the life-shattering ‘THUD’.

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