i read this article in nat. geographic a few days back. Though many would know all this coz of House MD :). It’s slightly creepy with artificial eyes, ears etc etc. Like that was my first reaction.

Machine and human beings interacting so closely.. almost integrating. Don’t know why I should think of it in terms of good or bad. Just that we are no more mysterious and sacred. 10 years down the line I can accidently cut your finger and say ‘oops, i’m sorry.. check out the transplants though.. the silicon ones are much better ;).. i got all my fingers replaced! It’s really swell!’. 20 years later we will be directly sedating those regions of the brain which generate the feelings of dissatisfaction or ‘angst’. And by the looks of it, few more years further down the line, we’ll be the first specie to annihilate itself by mass-scale in-animation.

How I love to exaggerate!

Just was thinking whether machines will tend to man or otherwise. Women of course will be women as millions of years of collective experience and memory stand in testimony.

3 thoughts on “Manachine”

  1. No haven't seen 'surrogates'. Is it worth watching?

    I think we have essentially challenged what being 'human' and 'natural' meant so far. There are no conclusive definitions…

    Of course medical science has been 'intervening' on our behalf for a long time now. With our intelligence we could multiply food supply and fight diseases thus in a way making the planet inhabitable for more and more human beings.. kind of breaking out of the evolutionary chain. Nature was a slow and cruel worker – process of natural design painstaking. Now changes are so fast that we talk about 'poor mother nature'.

    Our entire economic -political system is there to ensure that we beat nature at her game. And it has its own loop holes creating imbalances and dissatisfactions and wars (all of which are rankling us now). If this is the dominant system now perhaps it eliminates not the 'weakest' but the 'poorest' in some ways (those who will not be able to afford treatments and transplants. how about looking at mortality rate class-wise, I haven't done this check. But if it turns out otherwise?). So I'm not sure whether as a specie we'll be able to evolve into another. We will all be richer though!

    What is 'natural'? If we mean something pertaining to just nature, well isn't it human nature to organize farming and other activities? So the current set-up should be as 'natural' just that it is different may be.

    So not sure. But it is scary!


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