There lies upon the grave
a tawny rough stone etched and shrubbed
bearing my mark upon the land,
now smoke and dust, while I
lie covered shivering in cold, in sand

Hereafter they say, while all after times
are fused into one, for my eyes stare
at the darkness suspended through eternity –
was there a mistake? I see no light,
Yet my heart doesn’t beat,
I know no count of seconds
Just a long dull sleep

They burned me too, I was ash sawdust
Washed away to a distant sea
There laid I or parts of me
All fused and burnt and one with that sea
Swaying with waves, lost in tides
A fish just passed through me
Yet I remained I
Or no more? I cease to be

They come to me now, still
haunt me in my sleep
I lie tortured, naked
My mind lets those spirits hunt me
All hell is raised here, every night
While I still breathe
And I’m born again, with the sun creeping up
up upon the tall gray concrete sea

For once I’m a skeleton under a stone
Or dust at the bottom of an alien sea
I’m I no more – but all that was, is and would be

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