The kingdom of dead things

Our fidelity to things long dead

Our resistance to what is new

Our futile attempts to keep carcasses alive

And suck Life out of that which grew


Carrying the deadweight of our past

And dragging through our miserable lives

We think ourselves upright

Think again

Every moment life is new

Every moment there is growth

Every moment there is change.


Life still keeps breathing in us

While we mindlessly work away

On our coffins that would keep

Our dead memories safe.


And yet another future full of promises

Is sacrificed at the altar of death

And it obediently takes its place among other dead things

That we like so much to collect.


What are our lives but

A sorry showcase

Of Life fossilised

Rendered ineffective





The kingdom of dead things perpetuates

The kingdom of dead things grows

The kingdom of dead things surrounds us

And gives us certainty in place of hope

Convenience in exchange for happiness

Tolerance in place of acceptance

And familiarity in place of love

And thus we trade Life for death with every breath

And think ourselves as martyrs

Perhaps we are

Perhaps we truly are

Champions of death.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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