The Mullah and his girlfriend

The Mullah and his girlfriend had been in a longterm relationship for a few months. His girlfriend constantly complained about not meeting enough but the Mullah did not want to travel to her town to meet her very often. The journey was long and tiring and he thought she was always in a bad mood. Invariably, they just ended up talking on Whatsapp.

In the beginning, their chats were long, romantic and meaningful. But as time passed, the Mullah started getting bored and their conversations on Whatsapp became cryptic. His girlfriend continued to complain, but the Mullah was so busy in his own world–all her complaints went in from one ear and out the other!

Then one day on WhatsApp chat his girlfriend told him she missed him and wanted to hold him. He sent her this: 😙❤.

A few days later she asked him when he would come to visit her next and he sent her this: 🌞—>🌧, implying when the season changes and it starts raining.

His girlfriend’s dissatisfaction kept increasing and her complaints kept mounting. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when she told him that one of the aunts she was very close to passed away. He immediately sent her this: 😪🙏.

The Mullah did not hear back from her for a couple of days. But he didn’t notice because he had taken ill himself. On the third day, unable to move from bed, he picked up his phone and messaged her: “Jaanu, I am really sick. I need you. Please come here and take of me.”

And she instantly sent him this:

🤲 🤒—>🥴—>💀  👋


Note: “The Mullah” is a reference to the famous eternal comedian Mullah Nasruddin from Sufi tales. 




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