December 2019

  • Questions

    What happens to the questions that never get asked? Do they go somewhere and huddle together, Waiting patiently for their turn to be called? Or do they drift in the ether Amidst our darting thoughts Prowling for that mature mind Ripe with all the possibilities To give form to the formless And words to their… Continue reading

About Me

Nehaan in Persian means ‘secret’ or ‘hidden.’ In Japanese, the same word means ‘nirvana.’ In these pages, I will make an attempt to explore, and if possible, partly or fully reveal what lies hidden from our view in our day-to-day lives. The path will be characterised by a certain lack of method which I think is characteristic of human intuition. I write and shall continue to write only when inspired to do so. This also means I might occasionally make forays into varied fields such as science, music, philosophy, language, linguistics and poetry, to name a few. I hope this would not put off new readers and tire the old ones! But who am I to complain–even the lovers of fine wine feel repulsed by the first drop and still, quite strangely, dizzy by the last.