The Essence of Things

Very often I find myself

Chasing after forms

Yet empty handed I always end up

Where am I going wrong?


A racing Jaguar on the street

Makes my my mind run at top speed

A beautiful house on the way

Makes me want that also for me


A handsome face in the crowd

Sets all the engines of desire running

All it takes is just a few seconds

And I fall for yet another red herring


From the moment I wake

Till the time I get to sleep

My mind is making castles in the air

With all the things that could be


How hard it really is, I tell myself

For a person to get what he wants

Yet my mind still keeps running about

Chasing forms after forms


But a little voice inside me says

You have got it all wrong

The forms are not yours to take

It’s not where your power belongs


Focus rather on the essence

Of what it is you want

Don’t they say it’s not about the person

It’s always about the bond


Cars breakdown, houses crumble

And people change all the time

There is nothing in this world of yours

You can truly call ‘mine’


Except maybe the essence of

All the things you desire

These are seeds that take root and grow

And in life, make you aspire


Focus on the essence of things

And let the forms come to be

You as well as anyone knows —


What you really want

Eventually comes to be.


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