As far as illusions go

This one was deep and strong

Despite my thirty something years

I wasn’t prepared for this to go wrong.


What seemed like profound silences

Pregnant with feelings of love

Turned out to be mere voids of time

In search of another joke or pun.


What seemed like long furtive glances

Holding back a storm of words

Were a set of glazed porcelain eyes

That merely gave the illusion of meaningful depth.


What seemed like a union of two minds

Relishing joyously together their wisecracks and puns

Was nothing more than a playful banter between friends

That one engages in for distraction and light-hearted fun.


To tell you the truth, I have been before,

The one who thinks that the Sun rises for her,

That the birds come to wake her up in the mornings,

That the barking dogs, from evil nocturnal spirits, protect her.


And while those things may or may not be true

One thing seems certain for sure–

Sometimes what seems special and unique

Is nothing more than a reflection of our hope.




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