The Incorrigible Mosquetty

Bite, suck, feed.

Bite, suck, feed.

Welcome to the world of my friend—

The Incorrigible Mosquetty.

He hovers and hovers

Always looking to uncover

His vampirish fangs

And dig them deep under my skin

I tell him, go away, you sucker

But he wouldn’t listen

He would be much rather

An awful itch

A pain in my fins.

I need to eat too, he says,

Such a matter of fact as always

Is Mr Incorrigible Mosquetty

Go feed somewhere else, is all I have to say

To all fiendish blood sucking monstors

Most of all, to the little mosquetty.

Now you will be thinking

She has got it all wrong

The blood sucking mosquito

Is a she and not a he.

I am sorry mister

But I beg to differ

All the mosquetties in my world

Are definitely a he!

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