पागल बना छोड़ा

अगर हमसे न करनी थी मोहब्बत तो ज़ालिम, हमसे यूँ मुलाक़ातें न की होतीं, कि तेरी नज़दीकियों ने हमें ग़ाफ़िल और दूरी ने पागल बना छोड़ा ।

Love Rasa and Kālidāsa

The Indian sensibility has been nourished by this imperishable fountain of love for two thousand years or more—whether it be the pain of the traumatic separation of the Krauncha birds that inspired the first poet-saint Valmiki to compose Rāmāyan, the rich verses of Kālidāsa that powerfully evoke the Shringār Rasa, Meera’s love and devotion that inspired her songs to Lord Krishna, or the muse of the proverbial āshiqs of Urdu ghazals.  It seems that love is destined to persist as a cherished theme in Indian aesthetics, art, culture, literature, music, and now films for generations to come.