Oh Eden

Earthlings have a curious habit of celebrating days - New Year's day, day when Christ was born, day he came back after being dead for few days and then died again, birth of so many other gods, anniversaries and so on. One of these days however is significant for the only surviving members of genus… Continue reading Oh Eden


http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/09/090901-electronic-tongue.htmlhttp://www.magicvalley.com/news/article_692d889c-00d0-5e42-be7b-68d3948e0d03.htmli read this article in nat. geographic a few days back. Though many would know all this coz of House MD :). It's slightly creepy with artificial eyes, ears etc etc. Like that was my first reaction.Machine and human beings interacting so closely.. almost integrating. Don't know why I should think of it in terms… Continue reading Manachine


If ever I could tellone moment from the nextI would know where it all beganand when will it all endAnd yet eclipsed in sublimitywaits eternity for someone to reveal her faceWith time in hand the vanity of manbrushes past her again and againSo will you remain, to comprehend what you perchance glanced in a moment… Continue reading random