जब आतिश-ए-इश्क़ में यह रूह ही हमारी, दहक-दहककर ख़ाक हो जाएगी एक दिन, तो फिर जहन्नुम का डर किसको है-- जहन्नुम तो महबूब के क़दमों में ही लिखा है ।

Ruhani – A Short Story

Many years ago there used to flow a river through this small town. An ancient river, holy and sacred for us for many generations. People called her “Ruhani.” When I was small, my grandfather used to tell me all about this mighty river. Her majestic volume, her pure blue glistening water, her impulsive flow—very rapid… Continue reading Ruhani – A Short Story