Random Tidbits 2

~Our motives, our stories and our lives don’t always make much sense.

~ If I were God and I looked down at the world full of billion people, each with his/her dreams desires ambitions, conflicting interests like people fighting for handful of jobsetc etc, I would need an optimization algorith of the nth order. Or I wouldn’t fking think about the billion people an go discuss with my peers the existence of uber-God.

~ We try to confine multitude aspects of reality into our little compartments of ideologies, faith, beliefs, ambitions and dreams. What we see is not reality, it is the function of what we want to see in the world.

~ Am I one or fragmented? Are my dreams my own or someone else’s? Are my thoughts my own or are they borrowed or manipulated? Am I one person or many not just because everyone sees me differently but also because I am myself a random assortment of traits, beliefs, dreams, likes, dislikes acquired from or inspired by so many others around me.

(written during Sikkim trip, Feb 2009)

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